Seaton Park Primary SchoolSeaton Park Primary School

Welcome to Seaton Park Primary School

We believe Seaton Park is a great school to be part of. We have a sense of community and care that flows through our values and wellbeing programs, our leadership initiatives like community groups and is most apparent when you speak to our students. Community voice shapes the focus of our curriculum – which is why we have specialist Physical Education and Science teachers and run whole school Buddy Reading and Guided Reading programs. We not only celebrate the diversity of our students, we make sure there is support there to assist all to achieve their full potential. That’s why we have an English as a Second Language teacher to support the 36% of our students from overseas, have an Aboriginal Community Education Officer and Aboriginal Education Teacher for our Aboriginal students (13%), as well as a Special Education Teacher for students with learning difficulties. Our School Counsellor and Christian Pastoral Support worker are fundamental in our community wellbeing endeavours. Have a look around our website – and we look forward to you visiting our school in the future.

Front of the school